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The supporting association of the School Museum was founded on the 13th of November 2003. It is registered and recognised as non-commercial association. It supports the work of the museum ideational and financially.

Our aims are:
1.   Installation and enlargement of the permanent exhibition
2.   Special exhibitions
3.   Appropriate care and presentation of objects
4.   Research on school history of Leipzig
5.   Public relations, publications
6.   Museum educational offers for schools
7.   Offers for seminar groups and nursing homes
8.   School competitions
9.   Teacher-training
10. Film projects with contemporary witnesses
11. Enlargement of the collection
12. Guided tours, class reunions

Become a member of the School Museum!
Active or passive member from 2 Euro a month onwards (Students pay half the price.)

Membership application

Founder members:
Hans-Jürgen Bersch
Leona Bielitz
Christian Bies
Gerda Haupt
Karin Liersch
Dr. Klaus Lindner
Thomas Müller
Dr. Kathrin Pöge-Alder
Ingrid Richter
Melanie Rische
Kerstin Ryll
Walter Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Schulz
Marie-Kristin Sprink
Elke Urban
Prof. Dr. Heinz-Werner Wollersheim

Management board:
Chairman:   Thomas Müller
Locum tenens:  Elke Urban
Treasurer:   Gerda Haupt
Committee members: Dr. Kathrin Pöge-Alder, Prof. em. Dr. Dr. hc. Dieter Schulz

Address and contact:
Förderverein Schulmuseum – Werkstatt für Schulgeschichte Leipzig e.V.
Goerdelerring 20
04109 Leipzig
Phone: 0341 - 213 05 68
Fax:     0341 - 215 58 43