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A museum, “that is not lifeless but an institution for research and teaching, in which collected treasure will be made useable in a lively way…”, was supposed to be found. That is written in the protocol of a gathering on the 28th of April 1914 to establish a school museum in Leipzig.
It took a long time before a museum would be opened that is traced back on the tradition of Leipzig reform pedagogy.
A “searching and discovering learning”, as an important pedagocial principle, was supposed to replace the instructive boredom in school and museum.
A demand that is still valid.

The second foundation in 1984 served the purpose to represent the achievements of socialistic school by collecting and presenting relicts of historical school-times.
After its closing in 1998 the museum gained its new identification and address at Goerdelerring 20 in the year 2000.

Under the direction of Elke Urban, the museum was opened as School Museum – Workshop for School History with a new concept and the support of an academic council.

Museum building

Between 1911 and 1913 an administration building had been built by the
„Old Leipzig Fire Insurance“ at the former Thomasring. After 1945, it was used by American and Russian Secret Services and from 1950 to 1989 by the Ministry of State Security of the GDR. In 1957 the building was expanded to the neighbouring Matthäi church yard. Since the year 2000 this extension has been housing the school museum.


Our collection is permanently enlarged by scientific research. Publications, exhibition catalogues and lectures publish the results of our research and invite for discussion. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to use our library and collection for individual research.